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Nurul Wahyuni Schraeder

Graduate Teaching Assistant



Nurul is a Mathematics Ph.D. student at WVU. She was born and raised in Indonesia. She has been in the United States since 2014 when she started her master’s program in Mathematics at WVU.  She was a Fulbright scholar during her master‘s program at WVU (2014-2016).  She began to pursue her Ph.D. at WVU right after she completed her master’s program. She was a graduate teaching assistant during her Ph.D. and has served as a grader, a lab assistant, a recitation leader, and a primary instructor.

She has had strong enthusiasm towards teaching since she was an undergraduate, when she actively worked as a math tutor for school-age students: elementary school to high school. As a master’s student, she also volunteered to help in problem sessions in a college algebra course taught by Dr. David Miller at WVU.

Nurul has a strong interest towards mathematics problem solving. During her undergraduate program, she actively participated in several mathematics competitions in Indonesia. She was a 2011 Bronze medalist for a National Mathematics Competition in Indonesia (ON-MIPA PT 2011).

Her research is in the area of Undergraduate Mathematics Education. She is particularly passionate about research aimed at developing pedagogical tools that help students to develop intrinsic motivation towards mathematics. Her dissertation involves studying the implementation of mastery grading in an introduction to proof course.


Ph.D. in Mathematics from WVU (expected graduation May 2023)
M.S. in Mathematics from WVU
B.S. in Mathematics from Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia

Courses offered at WVU:
  • Math 106/126
  • Math 104/124
  • Math 153
  • Math 155
  • Math 156
Nurul Schraeder's CV