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Hugh Geller

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Originally from Massachusetts, Hugh moved to Towson, MD to pursue a bachelor's degree in mathematics at Goucher College. While there, Hugh maintained a ballet scholarship and competed each year as a three-season distance runner. After spending his junior year studying abroad at Oxford University, Hugh decided to pursue graduate studies in mathematics at Clemson University. His initial focus was number theory but switched to homological and commutative algebra under the guidance of Dr. Keri Sather-Wagstaff. His dissertation, Minimal Differential Graded Resolutions of Fiber Products, focused on the study of algebraic objects known as fiber products.

Hugh Geller has ongoing research with Dr. Ela Celikbas (WVU), Dr. Toshinori Kobayashi (Meiji University),  Dr. Rebecca R.G. (George Mason University), Dr. Tony Se (Florida A&M), and Trung Chau (University of Utah). His work ranges from the study of differential graded algebras and semi-dualizing modules to explicit constructing free resolutions of local and graded rings.

Please see Dr. Geller's CV