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Graduate Study in Mathematics


If you did well in mathematics as an undergraduate, there are a lot of reasons to consider a graduate degree in mathematics:
  • It provides the basis for a deeper understanding how mathematics is developed and used, enabling you to be competitive for positions in many industries that use mathematics, and providing you with the versatility to learn new fields on your own at a fundamental level by reading and understanding original literature. 
  • A career in research and teaching is possible with either an MS or a PhD degree. An MS will usually be sufficient for instructor or community college positions; a PhD is the entrée for faculty positions in colleges and research universities. 
  • It can be a lot of fun!

We offer MS and PhD degrees in Mathematics. The MS program consists of approximately 2 years' worth of graduate level coursework and it has Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics tracks. The PhD program assumes a master's level background in Mathematics and involves an additional 3 years of coursework and research experience. Students will be accepted into the MS or PhD program depending on their background. Detail program information is found in the University Catalog and the Graduate Handbook

The deadlines for full consideration for admission (and financial support) are October 15 for the Spring and January 15 for the Fall semester. Applications are submitted through the university's graduate admissions page

What we are good at:
  • We call our program "friendly-sized" with about 26 research faculty and 50 graduate students, about 2/3 of them are PhD students. The faculty are accessible, and everyone gets to know each other from our basic courses. Our student body is very diverse and West Virginia University is an open, friendly and fun environment for all. 
  • We have active, sizable faculty research groups in commutative and higher algebra, applied and classical analysis, applied mathematics of biological systems and computational astrophysics, graph theory and combinatorics, mathematics education at the undergraduate level, and set theory and topology. 
  • WVU is a great place to learn how to teach! Graduate assistants get the opportunity work under our Institute for Mathematics Learning (IML) and they are trained to teach their own courses, and to experience a wide range of student learners. 
  • We have a tradition of developing potential students that have excelled in their undergraduate programs, even at schools with limited mathematics offerings or from other scientific majors, are welcome in our program. Our MS program is flexible and give you the time to build your mathematical expertise from the ground up. Our PhD classes are small, with a lot of individual attention. 
  • Math faculty organize colloquia, research seminars, and graduate student seminar every academic year, so that our students get exposed to different areas of mathematics. 
  • We have active student organizations that organize several events and talks during the year. 
What our students do after graduation :
Many of our graduates seek careers in research and teaching after graduation. Others work in areas such as software developments, data analysis, and work at government agencies such as the National Security Agency, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Department of Energy, and in defense agencies. Our PhD students have been successful obtaining faculty positions.

Students committed pursuing a Ph.D degree are typically supported through Graduate Assistantships. The current minimum stipend is ﹩16,000 for master’s level students and ﹩18,500 for doctoral level students (for the 9-month academic year). In addition to a stipend, the support package includes a tuition waiver and personal health insurance paid by the University. Students are responsible for approximately ﹩2,800 in fees for the academic year. 

Admission Requirements:
  • To be eligible for admission into a graduate program at WVU, an applicant must have a bachelor's degree in mathematics or a closely related field , and hold a GPA of at least 2.75 (relative to a possible maximum of 4.0) in all undergraduate subjects. It is expected that the applicant's undergraduate background include courses in calculus, linear and abstract algebra, differential equations, and real analysis. 
  • An applicant must submit official, bachelors degree transcripts from a regionally accredited institution and hold a GPA of at least 2.75. 
  • WVU does not require the GRE, and scores are not considered for admission or for funding. 
How to Apply:
  • All applicants to our graduate program must apply online and must submit the following documentation: 
         ☞ Official bachelor's degree transcripts from a regionally accredited institution
         ☞ Official MS degree transcripts from a regionally accredited institution (if you are applying to the PhD program)  
         ☞ Three letters of recommendation from evaluators who can address your potential for success in our program
         ☞ Statement of purpose (intellectual and professional goals and a short essay on why you want to study at WVU)
         ☞ English of proficiency requirement score (international students only)

  • Information Specific to International Applicants

    West Virginia University policies relevant to the application process for international graduate students are summarized here

    International students must demonstrate English language proficiency to attend classes and work as Graduate Teaching Assistants. Applicants from a number of English speaking countries are exempt from this requirement *. WVU accepts many widely used tests; minimum general scores for admission: TOEFL iBT (79), IELTS (6.5), Duolingo (105). Students who do not fulfill this requirement can be accepted provisionally and enroll in the WVU Intensive English (IEP) program. 

    *Students with a degree from the following countries: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Liberia, Nigeria, and the Caribbean Commonwealth are exempt.

    In addition, students supported as Graduate Teaching Assistants must demonstrate proficiency in spoken English within a year from starting in the program. This can be fulfilled by minimum scores on the speaking sections of the TOEFL iBT (22) , IELTS (7.5), or the True North test offered through WVU.  To be eligible for admission into a graduate program at WVU an applicant must submit official, bachelors degree transcripts from a regionally accredited institution and hold a GPA of at least 2.75.