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Welcome from the Director

Welcome to West Virginia University School of Mathematics and Data Sciences! 

Woman with long blonde hair stands in front of Woodburn Hall. She is wearing a bright blue blouse, a black dress jacket with a WVU pin, and a necklace with small circle pendnant.
Our school has 60 faculty members spread across four academic units –mathematics, data sciences, statistics, and our Institute for Math Learning. Our School is highly interdisciplinary in nature, with students able to major and minor in a wide range of complementary degree programs.

We have a Bachelor’s of Science and Bachelor’s of Arts degrees in Mathematics with Areas of Emphases in Actuarial Science, Mathematics Biology, Physical Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Mathematics Education. We have a new Bachelor’s of Science degree in Data Sciences. Undergraduates can also minor in mathematics, data sciences, and statistics. Undergraduate research is a strong component of all of our degree programs and undergraduates often engage in research with faculty across the entire School, regardless of their specific degree choice. Graduates of the School will be well prepared for careers in industry or government or ready to attend graduate school in many different areas.

At the graduate level, we have a Master’s degree in Mathematics with Applied and Pure tracks and a PhD program in Mathematics with many different research areas on which to focus. There is also a graduate certificate program in Statistics. We have approximately 80 graduate students, many of whom are Graduate Teaching Assistants.

I hope you will explore the rest of the website to learn more about our faculty research, upcoming events, and degree options.

Dr. Jessica Deshler, Interim Director of the School of Mathematical and Data Sciences