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Mathematics Education

Research in mathematics education seeks to understand the nature of mathematical thinking, teaching and learning as well as how to improve mathematics instruction. 

WVU's mathematics education researchers focus on many different areas of mathematical thinking, such as learning of mathematical proof, learning of key topics in calculus, using gestures effectively in mathematics instruction, effective use of technology for mathematics learning and effective graduate student preparation. Others focus on K-12 outreach to teachers and students including dual credit high school courses and professional development activities for teachers. 

  • Marjorie Darrah: Educational Technology, K-12 Outreach
  • Jessica Deshler: Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Gender Equity in Mathematics, Calculus Student Learning, Graduate Student Professional Development, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Mathematics
  • David Miller: Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Proof Learning and Assessment
  • Laura Pyzdrowski:  Mathematics/STEM Education,  K-12 Outreach, Distance Learning, Educational Technology
  • Vicki Sealey: Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Calculus Student Learning