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Applied Analysis

Research by members of this group involves the use of mathematical analysis to solve real-world problems. Our work is motivated by applications to fluid dynamics, finance, biology, electro-magnetism, celestial mechanics and other industries.

Faculty conduct research on the theory and applications of ordinary and partial differential equations, difference equations and metric spaces. The main focus lies on existence, uniqueness, regularity, stability and other properties of solutions. Functional analysis, harmonic analysis and dynamical systems provide some of the necessary tools in the investigation.

  • Harumi Hattori: Partial Differential Equations, Conservation Laws and Shock Wave
  • Harry Gingold: Continuous and Discrete Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Physics, Factorization of Scalar and Matrix Power Series, Foundation (Geometry)
  • Dening Li: Partial Differential Equations, Shock Theory
  • Charis Tsikkou: Hyperbolic and Mixed Type Partial Differential Equations, Conservation Laws
  • Adrian Tudorascu: Partial Differential Equations, Optimal Transport
  • Qingtian Zhang: Partial Differential Equations, Hyperbolic Conservation Law, Fluid Dynamics