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Algebra, an immense area of mathematics, is the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for regulating these symbols.

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Applied Analysis

Research by members of this group involves the use of mathematical analysis to solve real-world problems.

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Applied Mathematics

Research in applied mathematics aims to employ or adapt existing mathematical concepts to help solve mathematical problems emerging from various fields, from physical and life sciences to engineering, social science, and, increasingly, everyday life.

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Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Graph theory is the study of graphs (also known as networks), used to model pairwise relations between objects, while combinatorics is an area of mathematics mainly concerned with counting and properties of discrete structures.

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Mathematics Education

Research in mathematics education seeks to understand the nature of mathematical thinking, teaching and learning as well as how to improve mathematics instruction.

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Probability and Statistics

Many models in engineering and physical sciences can be explained and approximated using the probabilistic and statistical tools.

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Set Theory and Topology

Set theory and general topology provide fundamental theoretical structures on which other areas of mathematics are constructed.

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