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Cun-Quan Zhang

Emeritus Professor- Mathematics


Mathematics 307H Armstrong Hall Personal Website: Cun-Quan Zhang

2009-Now: Eberly Family Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, Math. Dept. West Virginia University

1996-Now: Professor, Math. Dept. West Virginia University

1989-1996: Associate Professor, Math. Dept. West Virginia University

1987-1989: Assistant Professor, Math. Dept. West Virginia University

1986-1987: Assistant Professor (limited term) Math. Dept. Simon Fraser University, B.C., Canada

1982-1982: Assistant Researcher, Institute of System Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China

B.Sc. (N/A) (No undergraduate education due to Cultural Revolution)
M.Sc. (1982) Qufu Normal University, China, Operation Research/Mathematics
Ph.D (1987). Simon Fraser University, B.C., Canada, Mathematics

Research Interests:
Graph theory, discrete optimization, algorithm design and their application in data science.

Courses offered at WVU:
  • Math 155
  • Math 156
  • Math 251
  • Math 375
  • Math 573
  • Math 773
  • Math 791

Recent Publications:
  • Integer Flows and Cycle Covers of Graphs, Marcel Dekker Inc. (1997) ISBN: 9780824797904.

  • Circuit Double Covers of Graphs, Cambridge University Press, (2012) ISBN-13: 9780521282352.

Journal Papers

173. Berge-Fulkerson coloring for some families of superposition snarks (with S. Liu, R. Hao), European Journal of Combinatorics 96 (2021) 103344.

170. Integer flows and modulo orientations of signed graphs (with Miaomiao Han, Jiaao Li, Rong Luo, Yongtang Shi) SIAM J. DISCRETE MATH. Vol. 35, No. 1, (2021) pp. 376-391.

169. Circular Flows via Extended Tutte Orientations (with Jiaao Li, Yezhou Wu) Journal of Combinatorial Theory (B) Vol. 145 (2020) 307-322.

168. Berge-Fulkerson coloring for C(12)-linked permutation graphs (with S. Liu, R. Hao, Z. Zhang), Journal of Graph Theory, (2021)

165. Flows on ow-admissible signed graphs (with M. DeVos, J. Li, Y. Lu, R. Luo, Zhang Zhang) Journal of Combinatorial Theory, B. 149 (2021) p.198-221.

164. Flows on signed graphs without long barbells (with You Lu, Rong Luo, Michael Schubert, Eckhard Steffen) SIAM J. DISCRETE MATH. Vol. 34, No. 4, (2020) pp. 2166-2182

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106. Cycle covers (II) --circuit chain, Petersen chain and Hamilton weights J. Comb. Theory, B. 120 (2016) 36-63; doi:10.1016/j.jctb.2016.04.001