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Hong-Jian Lai



Mathematics 406 Armstrong Hall Personal Website: Hong-Jian Lai

Dr. Hong-Jian Lai is Professor of Mathematics at WVU. He has been teaching at WVU since 1989.


B.S., South China Institute of Technology, Mathematics, 1982
Ph.D., Wayne State University, Mathematics, 1998, (Supervisor: Dr. Paul Catlin)
Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo, Canada, Combinatorics and Optimization, 1989. (Supervisor: Dr. Adrian Bondy).

Research Interests:

His researches interests are focused on structural properties of cycles and trails, graph connectivity and generalized connectivity, nowhere zero flow, colorings and their related problems in both graphs and matroids, applications of graph theory algorithms, discrete math models and network flow models to electrical power system management and optimal recongurations problems.

Courses offered at WVU:

  • Math 156: Calculus 2

  • Math 251: Multivariable Calculus

  • Math 373: Introduction to Cryptography

  • Math 771/772: Matroid Theory
  • Math 777: Topics in Discrete Mathematics (algebraic graph theory, extremal problems in graphs and digraphs.)
  • Math 793: Combinatorial optimizations