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John Goldwasser



Mathematics 308L Armstrong Hall ResearchGate

Professor Goldwasser graduated in physics from Harvard College and got his PhD in mathematics at the University of Wisconsin.  He has been at WVU since 1988.  His main research interest is in extremal combinatorics, with recent emphasis on polychromatic colorings of the integers, the complete graph, and the hypercube, and on extremal configurations in the hypercube.  He also has interests in graph theory and linear algebra.  Before getting his PhD, Professor Goldwasser taught middle school and high school, and he continues to be interested in the teaching of mathematics at all levels, including high school, undergraduate calculus, training for the Putnam Exam, and graduate combinatorics.

Professor Goldwasser had a Fulbright Fellowship at the University of Malawi.  He has been a lecturer at Chiang Mai University in Thailand.  He spent a year at the Institute for Mathematics in Budapest.

Recent Publications:

Goldwasser et. al., Polychromatic colorings on the hypercube, J. of Combinatorics 9(2018) pp. 631-657.

Goldwasser et. al., Polychromatic colorings of complete graphs with respect to 1-,2-factors and Hamiltonian cycles, J. of Graph Theory 87(2018), pp 660-671.

Goldwasser et. al., Polychromatic colorings on the integers, Integers 19(2019) #A18.

Goldwasser et. al., The polychromatic number of small subsets of the integers, to appear in Graphs and Combinatorics.

Goldwasser and Hansen, Maximum density of vertex-induced perfect cycles and paths in the hypercube, Discrete Math 344 issue 11(2021) #112585.

Dr. Goldwasser's CV