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ALEKS Placement Testing

WVU offers ALEKS through eCampus, which is accessible to students through the WVU Portal. Current students must request ALEKS placement to begin.

The request form for Current Students will begin accepting ALEKS requests 4 days before registration begins. Testing will begin on the first day of registration and will end on the 3rd day of the add/drop period. View these important dates on the Office of the University Registrar's calendar.

All First Time Freshmen and Transfer admits are required to take ALEKS as part of their New Student Orientation. 

ALEKS For Current Students ALEKS for Incoming & Transfer Students

STEM Pathway and Course Placement

We are committed to student success. With this in mind, students are placed into math, chemistry, and physics courses based on prerequisites or placement scores. Students may be placed by ACT Math score, SAT Math score, scores on the ALEKS Math Assessment or successful completion of a prerequisite course.

STEM Pathway & Course Placement