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Cody Hood

Teaching Assistant Professor


Mathematics 413B Armstrong Hall

Cody is a full-time teaching instructor for math department at West Virginia University while working towards completing his Ph.D. in mathematics, also at WVU. His degree in math will have an emphasis in Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education focusing on student understanding of the definite integral in an application context. He received his Bachelor of Science in Math in 2013 along with his Master of Science in Math in 2015, both at WVU.


Master of Science in Mathematics West Virginia University 2015
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics West Virginia University 2013

Research Interests:

  • Applied Calculus

  • Student Understanding of Definite Integrals

Courses offered at WVU:

  • Math 121 Intro Concepts of Mathematics

  • Math 122 Quantitative Skills and Reasoning

  • Math 126 College Algebra

  • Math 128 Plane Trigonometry

  • Math 150 Applied Calculus

  • Math 155 Calculus 1

  • Math 156 Calculus 2

  • Math 261 Elementary Differential Equations