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Olgur Celikbas

Associate Professor


Ph.D: University of Nebraska – Lincoln, 2010.

Postdoctoral Positions held prior to WVU:    University of Connecticut (2014-2016)
University of Missouri – Columbia (2011-2014)
University of Kansas (2010-2011).

Research Interests:

Commutative Algebra, especially Commutative Homological Algebra over local rings.

Courses offered at WVU:

  • Math 541 and Math 641 (the first year graduate algebra sequence)

  • Math 747 (introduction to Commutative Algebra, Homological Algebra and Algebraic Geometry)

Recent Publications:

Reducing invariants and total reflexivity.
To appear in Illinois Journal of Mathematics.
Joint with Tokuji Araya.

Powers of the maximal ideal and vanishing of (co)homology.
Glasgow Mathematical Journal. doi: 10.1017/S0017089519000466 (2020).
Joint work with Ryo Takahashi.

On modules with reducible complexity.
Algebras and Representation Theory. doi: 10.1007/s10468-019-09899-z (2019).
Joint work with Arash Sadeghi and Naoki Endo.

On the ideal case of a conjecture of Huneke and Wiegand.                                            
Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, 62, issue 3 (2019), 847 – 859.                   
Joint work with Shiro Goto, Naoki Endo and Ryo Takahashi.

On the second rigidity theorem of Huneke and Wiegand.                                            
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 147 (2019), no. 7, 2733 – 2739.                  
Joint work with Ryo Takahashi.