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MAA/AMS publishes a book in time for Hispanic Heritage Month

MAA/AMS just published a book in time for Hispanic Heritage month, which is September 15, 2021- October 15, 2021, and Dr. Jessica Deshler is profiled in one chapter.

Testimonios is a new publication by MAA/AMS edited by Pamela E. Harris, Alicia Prieto-Langarica, Vanessa Rivera Quiñones, Luis Sordo Vieira, Rosaura Uscanga, and Andrés R. Vindas Meléndez and illustrated by Ana Valle. It brings together first-person narratives from the vibrant, diverse, and complex Latinx and Hispanic mathematical community. Starting with childhood and family, the authors recount their own particular stories, highlighting their upbringing, education, and career paths. Testimonios seeks to inspire the next generation of Latinx and Hispanic mathematicians by featuring the stories of people like them, holding a mirror up to our own community. The entire collection of 27 testimonios is available for purchase at the AMS Bookstore.  MAA and AMS members can access this e-book for free through their respective member libraries (MAA | AMS).

Dr. Deshler's chapter will also be featured in the October/November issue of MAA FOCUS Newsmagazine.