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Degree Programs

Master of Science (M.S.) in Mathematics

The master's degree program offers specializations in pure and applied mathematics, each with different requirements. The master's degree programs are designed either for students who intend to go on to pursue a PhD in Mathematics, or for those planning to seek employment in education, government or industry..

Course Catalog   for MS in Mathematics   WVU Program Overview   for MS in Mathematics  

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mathematics

The Ph.D. program provides for a common core of fundamental mathematics followed by specialized studies culminating in an original research dissertation directed by a faculty advisor. Depending on the student's program and interests, there are diverse career opportunities available in education, government, and industry.

Course Catalog   for PhD in Mathematics   WVU Program Overview   for PhD in Mathematics  

Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics (CAS)

Designed for professionals or students who want to take applied statistics courses to enhance their quantitative skills and job opportunities.  The certificate will provide students with a solid foundation in statistical methodology, and depending on the elective courses selected, predictive analytics, statistical computing, or statistical theory. The flexibility in the certificate course work is intended to allow the student to select courses that will meet their needs, whether enhancing professional quantitative skills or research productivity.

Course Catalog   for Certificate in Applied Statistics