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Graduate Handbook for Mathematics Students

The Department of Mathematics offers the following degrees: Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Currently, there are options in Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics for the MS program. Students in the PhD program are expected to pursue a core of fundamental mathematics courses followed by specialized studies culminating in an original research dissertation directed by a faculty advisor.

This handbook provides information on both the MS program and the PhD program in Mathematics. The policies below, their interpretation and their execution, are the responsibility of the Graduate Programs Committee. In general, any questions about policy, or appeals of policy decisions, should be brought to the Graduate Programs Committee, either directly, or after consultation with the student’s advisor. This Handbook is intended for the use of faculty as well as prospective and current graduate students. Other information and regulations concerning program requirements are contained in the University’s Graduate Catalog. The handbook is subject to annual updates as approved by the Graduate Programs Committee and Graduate Program Director.

Students are encouraged to download and save the handbook from their program as it will be updated and replaced on our website annually.

Download the Handbook for Graduate Studies in Mathematics.