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Statistics Minor

Undergraduate courses in statistics, and sequences of statistics courses leading to a minor in statistics or a major in Industrial Mathematics and Statistics, provide a foundation of statistical literacy, statistical reasoning, and statistical thinking. 

A Minor in Statistics is available to any undergraduate students at WVU. Our aim is for all of our students to be challenged and encouraged in their statistical course work.  In particular, we enable our students to:

  • Appreciate the inherent variation and uncertainty of information, and understand that statistics can be a resource for improved decision making;

  • Develop critical thinking skills for application of statistics in novel situations;

  • Effectively communicate the results of statistical analysis;

  • Become responsible and competent practitioners of statistics in order to attain personal goals, either in a profession or in further educational experiences.

Course Catalog:

More details of courses can be found in the course catalog at the link below.

Statistics Minor