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PDEs in Fluid Mechanics and Atmospheric Sciences

April 13-14, 2024

The conference will take place on West Virginia University’s Downtown Campus in Morgantown, WV, on April 13-14, 2024. Lodging for at most two nights will be provided for as many participants as possible. Priority will be given to graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and participants who have no other travel support. Special consideration will be given to underrepresented groups. 


Mathematical models may introduce solutions that do not always obey the laws of Physics, so entropies have been used to single out weak solutions, i.e., to filter out spurious, unrealistic ones. As commanded by its very purpose, the entropy criterion must provide uniqueness, and this has been the center of much investigation into solutions to partial differential equations. Special techniques (such as doubling variables) have been developed with this in mind, yet progress has been slow in achieving results general enough to fit a reasonable number of applications.


The meeting aims to bring together leading experts and young researchers (graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, etc.) working in partial differential equations and will provide a valuable venue for exchanging ideas and promoting contemporary and exciting directions situated at the overlap of major research areas in Analysis (such as Conservation Laws, Nonlinear Wave Equations, Water Wave Problems, and Optimal Transport). 

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All participants are required to register for the PDES Conference hosted by the School of Mathematical and Data Sciences at WVU. Please register by filling in and submitting this form by March 15, 2024.

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