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PDEs in Fluid Mechanics and Atmospheric Sciences

Conference Speakers

woman wearing a v-neck dress blouse has longer dark hair and smiles for the camera.

Lorena Bociu

North Carolina State University
Personal Website

May with greying hair, wire rimmed glasses and a slight smile wears a sweater.

Alberto Bressan

The Pennsylvania State University
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Asian man with short dark hair, rectangle glasses and a button down shirt.

Geng Chen

University of Kansas
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Man with short brown hair and a painting of a vase with flowers in the background.

Mikhail Feldman

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Personal Website

Man with a mustache, dark skin, wire rimmed glasses, and a button-down plaid shirt

Wilfrid Gangbo

University of California, Los Angeles
Personal Website

Smiling asian woman with wire rimmed glasses, a had with a decorated band, and medium length dark hair.

Juhi Jang

University of Southern California
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Man with greying hair, light skin, rectangle glasses poses on a boat with lake water in the background.

Alexis F. Vasseur

The University of Texas at Austin
Personal Website

Man with light skin, short curly hair, and a button down shirt with a suit jacket.

Samuel Walsh

University of Missouri
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Asian man with short dark hair, wire rimed glasses, and a check button-down shirt.

Dehua Wang

University of Pittsburgh
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