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I found a career that makes me look forward to work and what new projects I will be involved with.

When I started university, I did not have a clear idea of what career I wanted to pursue. While I was taking Calculus 3, I spoke with my professor and she referred me to Dr. Yang and the actuarial science career. The wide variety of specialties and focus on creative problem-solving within the field appealed to me, so I became Math major. The following semester, I joined the Actuarial Science club and took Math 363, which teaches the concepts tested on Exam P. Initially, I was intimidated by how quickly the course moved through material, and also the level of dedication that the club officers said was necessary. I attended the extra study sessions every Friday and slowly became confident that I was capable of passing the exam. With the support of Dr. Yang and consistent, regular practice, I did pass Exam P on my first sitting. 

During the rest of my college career, I took a variety of statistics, finance, economics, and accounting courses that either assisted with conceptual portions on the exams or provided a strong background of information during interviews. Knowing what factors influence auto insurance policy pricing helped me secure my internship over my Junior year summer, which I learned during Finance 350. There are also a few general education requirements needed to finish the certification process (called VEEs), and WVU has approved courses for all of them, which helps during the hiring process. 

Before I graduated, I ended up taking and passing four actuarial exams and secured full time employment. I also found a career that makes me look forward to work and what new projects I will be involved with. When you are hired, either full time or for an internship, you have the opportunity to explore all facets of the company and are not forced to choose a specialty without experiencing the day-to-day regular work. Dr. Yang is very supportive during the exam study process, and the career is broad enough that you can explore different interests easily.