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Actuarial Science

Actuaries are mathematicians who help manage risk by:

  • Assessing the likelihood of future events using Mathematics and Statistics
  • Finding inventive ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events
  • Reducing the impact of undesirable events that do occur

There are many careers in Actuarial Science in companies and also in government agencies. Actuaries are certified professionals who have gone through a series of examinations to obtain a professional designation. Actuarial careers are consistently ranked among the top professions in terms of work environment, employment outlook, job security, and salary. There is a lot of good information about careers at

WVU is the only university at West Virginia that is recognized by the  Society of Actuaries to prepare students for the  four preliminary examsWVU Actuarial Science Program achieved advanced designation in January 2021.

WVU Mathematics Department has a faculty advisor, Dr. Fang Yang, who works closely with students who wish to take actuarial examinations.

We have many successful graduates who are now working as Actuaries. Click the links below to read their stories.

    WVU also has an active Actuarial Club for students!

    WVU Actuarial Science Advisory Board

    • Lori Badgett, FSA, MAAA - Transamerica
    • Jennifer Chancey, ASA, MAAA - United Bankshares, Inc.
    • Daniel DiNinno, FSA, MAAA - Highmark Health
    • Lie Ma, FSA, CERA, MAAA -  Athene Life Re
    • Michael L. Toothman, FCAS, MAAA -  Actuarial & Consulting Services
    • Jill Van Den Bos, ASA, MAAA - Milliman
    • Flora Wang, ASA - PSA Financial & Insurance Services
    • Raymond B. White, Managing Director- Solenture, LLC.
    • Stephen Muldoon, ASA, MAAA- Optima Health